~ Neil’s Art

Abstract Cubism and interpretative Worlds. Local Jersey based Art by Neil.

~ Sun Keep

Grounding earthy tones and deep spiritual meanings. Sun Keep expresses love, light and balance through shape, colour and nostalgia.

~ Bart Lanzini

“Intricacy of line, humour of shapes, textures… Everything strives to create a visual dance that’s a story in itself. Please let the fun enter into your life.”

~ Yvette

Bringing abstract concepts to life through thought provoking doodles and a splash of colour.

~ Bearthing Her

Watercolour poetry
“A little collection to embody the divine feminine form and commune with the core of divine creativity.”

~ Tobias Young

Shapes & Skaters
An illustration exploration into roller skating and colourful designed shape style brought together for some contrasting variety.

~ Cam Brooks

Illustrator, designer and smile chaser specialising in albums, posters and merch.